Our Church

   Mathew 18:20 For where two or three are gathered in my name, there am I among them. To meet “in My name” means by His authority, in acknowledgment of all that He is, and in obedience to His Word. Wherever two or three are gathered in recognition of Him as Lord and Savior, he […]

Child Dedications

  The scriptures show us in different areas the importance of child dedication.   In 1 Samuel 1:27–28 (NASB), a godly woman named Hannah prayed to God to give her a child. When he did and Samuel was born, Hannah prayed these words: “For this boy I prayed, and the Lord has given me my […]


What images spring to mind when you read the word church? an angry preacher ranting about hellfire and damnation to an uptight congregation a gathering of hypocrites a boring place to which your parents dragged you as a kid a group of people who believe they’re right and all those other churches are wrong the place […]


So you’ve read about God, Jesus, and the Bible. You’ve read about the Gospel, Jesus‘ plan for connecting you to God and giving you something more to live for. (If you haven’t read about these things, take a few minutes to do so, you might be surprised at what you read!) But what do you […]


Thousands of books vie for that title. Nearly every religious movement in history has claimed that its texts are the one true guide to life. Most of those books have faded from memory along with the groups that wrote them—but one religious book is different. When it comes to the Bible, people have loved it […]


What does the word sin mean to you? The word has strong negative connotations. Maybe you associate sin with especially heinous crimes like rape. Maybe it calls to mind memories of a televangelist ranting about damnation. Or maybe you think the whole idea of sin is irrelevant. Which perspective is true? Whatever your take, our […]


What happens when we die? If there’s one constant throughout almost every human culture and religion that’s ever existed, it’s a sense that there’s more to human existence than what we do and experience during the everyday humdrum of our lives. A suspicion that death isn’t the end, but just a step towards… something else. […]


What does the word GOD mean to you? Does it conjure up images of a bearded, wizened old man hunched on a throne in a fairy-tale heaven?  Is God a myth, an idea cooked up to keep us all in line?  Is God an impersonal cosmic force? An angry and bloodthirsty judge? With so many […]


What’s the best piece of news you ever received? Maybe it was the day the love of your life said “yes” when you asked, on your knees, if she would marry you. Maybe it was the news that you’d just landed your dream job, the one you’d been aiming at for as long as you […]