What does the word GOD mean to you?

Does it conjure up images of a bearded, wizened old man hunched on a throne in a fairy-tale heaven?  Is God a myth, an idea cooked up to keep us all in line?  Is God an impersonal cosmic force? An angry and bloodthirsty judge?

With so many different guesses and beliefs about God out there, one thing is clear: we seem to be hardwired to look for God.

Our ancient ancestors looked for God in storms and earthquakes. For thousands of years, religious leaders and philosophers have tried to discern God’s face in rules, rituals, and regulations.

Today the tools of our search have names like Science and Reason and Logic, but what we’re looking for is the same thing that mystics and madmen and everyday people wanted: we want to know who God is, and where we stand with him.

So who’s right about God? Obviously, all our varied and sometimes contradictory theories about God can’t be right. But there is a book that claims to tell us everything we need to know about God: the Bible. Whether you think the Bible is the word of God or just a bunch of old myths, it has a lot to say about God. Here’s the picture of God that it paints:

-God is good. (See Revelation 15:4 in the Bible.)
-God hates evil. (See Psalm 5:4-5.)
-God loves you. (See 1 John 4:7-11.)
-God has made it possible for you to know him personally through his son Jesus Christ. (See John 3:16-17.)

That’s the Bible’s take on who God is. It’s a different version of God than you may have heard from religious experts or college professors or scientists. But if it’s an accurate picture, it means that there is a God—and he cares about you, personally. That’s an idea too compelling to ignore. Read more about Jesus, the Bible, and God’s invitation to you.

source: http://www.gospel.com/