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Come visit this Sunday @ 10:30am. We’re glad to meet you.

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520 North Legion Dr. Buffalo, NY 14210


New Sermons

Keep Yourselves in God’s Love

God’s Word emphasizes both the sovereignty of God and human responsibility. Jude closes his letter with a word on each. First, we must persevere to the end, keeping ourselves in God’s love.

We exist to TEACH, PRAY, and SERVE, so all in our community will know the love of Christ


C.S. Lewis on Friendship

Everyone understands a parent’s natural affection for her child; also the beauty and usefulness (for multiplying and filling the earth) of romantic love, but it seems that very few moderns recognize the value of genuine friendship.

Marks of the Spiritual Man

True spirituality manifests itself in certain dominant desires. These are ever-present, deep-settled wants sufficiently powerful to motivate and control the life

Giving to Caz Church

Caz Church seeks to be above reproach in our stewardship of God’s financial resources given to the local church. We maintain an open book policy and choose to hold quarterly business meetings where all members can attend and have access our to financial information.