Sergey Zukovski


Slavic Missionary Service- Belarus
Sergey was born in June 9, 1966.  He was baptized in 1990. After completing high school, Sergey took
Bible correspondence courses.  He went on to study at the Bible school in Minsk.
He became an SMS missionary in 1991 and started Bible study group which developed into a church of 60 members.  It was called Borisov Bible Church. Sergey was ordained in 1993 and was married that same year.  The church continued to grow reaching new people through evangelism. Each year baptisms took place in the summer, out of doors, down at the riverside.
In 1995, they were given a site for a church.  The army came cleared the trees from the site and  returned the lumber from the trees for building materials.  Through the sacrifices of members — the selling of a car and an expensive keyboard, they were able to get plans drawn up and to start the foundation.
The congregation has been meeting in the church for several years. The local authorities, who are not always receptive to evangelical Christians, have been appreciative of his positive influence on young people and have not prevented them from using the building.  Presently, the sanctuary which seats over 200, and is filled on Sunday mornings.