Your Leaders

Good leaders are given by God to build the faith of His people by: speaking the Word of God, providing an example to imitate, and keeping watch over the souls of Christ’s sheep.

House Rules, Part 2

The children of God will love one another by bearing the burdens of those who are suffering & they will love one another by honoring marriage, and practicing sexual purity.

Don’t Forget Your Place

This text presents us with the reality that God’s people are already in the presence of God, as we live in this material world. This should lead to obedience and reverent, awe-filled worship.

Be On Guard

As you travel on the road toward glory, be on guard against a heart that would turn away from the Lord.

On the Road Together

As we travel on the Highway of Holiness together toward glory, there are certain things we need to keep in mind, lest we get tripped up along the way.