Sermons on Jesus Christ

Sermons on Jesus Christ

I Am the Light of the World

Just as God spoke the world into existence and brought forth light into darkness, Jesus speaks light into the darkness of our lives and brings forth light.

I Am the Bread of Life

Just as our bodies are needy for physical bread, our souls are needy too. Jesus has come to give us what we desperately need- Himself.

Jesus is a Riddle

How can David call his own son Lord? What is it that the religious authorities in Jesus’ time misunderstood about Him?

Why the Transfiguration?

The Transfiguration of Jesus was an awesome scene that the disciples would never forget, but what was its purpose? Why were Moses and Elijah there? How might God have used this in the life of the disciples?

He Heals the Deaf

This story of a man being healed of his deafness is a parable of what Jesus does for those who are spiritually deaf- He gives them ears to HEAR, and then a tongue to sing for joy.

Who Then Is This?

Like those first disciples, we are also prone to fear when we forget who Jesus is, His ways, His power, and His concern for us.