Sermons on Suffering

Sermons on Suffering

The Reward Is Worth It

Moses was a man with a lot to lose, but God’s reward was worth it…There is a cost to following Christ, but He, and HIs reward, are worth it.

A Sermon by Francis Grimke: Some Reflections Growing Out of the Recent Epidemic of Influenza that Afflicted Our City

Francis Grimke was a pastor in Washington D.C. from 1878-1928, ministering most prominently at the 15th Street Presbyterian Church. In 1918, the Spanish flu swept through cities in the United States. Thousands died. Public gatherings were closed for weeks. This is a sermon that Grimke preached when he returned to his pulpit when the disease had run its course. His reflections are worthy of our consideration during this time when disease is sweeping through our own cities. Pastor Lonnie reads…

The Crooked Things in Life, Part 2

What purpose do the crooked things have? 1. To reveal the ____________________________ 2. To make you hold ___________________, not ________________ 3. To exercise ___________________________

The Crooked Things in Life

The crooked things are our uncomfortable, or painful, experiences that either do not ________________ as we wish they would, or that leave lasting _____________. The eye of _____________ sees that if God has made soemthing crooked, and wants it to stay that way, ___________________________. The eye of faith sees that is God wants it crooked, He has a _______________________.