Life in the Kingdom

Life in the Kingdom

Beware of False Prophets

False teachers twist the truth to ___________________ for themselves False teachers divide over ____________________________ False teachers will say what people ________________________ False teachers are ___________, not _____________________

The Narrow gate

Do not enter the narrow gate if you want _________________________. Do not enter the narrow gate if you want _________________________. It is possible to ________________ while on the narrow path.

Judge Not

What kind of judging is Jesus telling us we should not do? An attitude that __________ finding ______________ in others. We should not condemn others, lest we be ___________________ by _________. People are generally __________ to find fault in others, but ____________ at finding it in ___________________.

Do not be anxious

When the purpose of life shifts from the __________ to the _____________ anxiety will follow. You should not be anxious because you are ________________ to God. Anxiety is relieved when we remember who is in ________________. To drive anxiety from your heart, remember that you have a _______________ in ______________. A sure way to anxiety is to live for __________________, _____________.

Make God Your Treasure

What does it mean to lay up treasure on earth? In heaven? What does it mean to serve money? God? What does God desire for you to do with the things He’s placed in your possession?

Pray Like This

The purpose of prayer is to ________________ God. As we meet with Him, He changes who ____________ and what ___________. For those who believe the Gospel, you have God as ___________________. Those who come closest to God will have the greatest ______________ for Him and _____________. When you are zealous for God’s name, you will rejoice in His ________________.