Life in the Kingdom

Judge Not

What kind of judging is Jesus telling us we should not do? An attitude that __________ finding ______________ in others. We should not condemn others, lest we be ___________________ by _________. People are generally __________ to find fault in others, but ____________ at finding it in ___________________.

Do not be anxious

When the purpose of life shifts from the __________ to the _____________ anxiety will follow. You should not be anxious because you are ________________ to God. Anxiety is relieved when we remember who is in ________________. To drive anxiety from your heart, remember that you have a _______________ in ______________. A sure way to anxiety…

Pray Like This

The purpose of prayer is to ________________ God. As we meet with Him, He changes who ____________ and what ___________. For those who believe the Gospel, you have God as ___________________. Those who come closest to God will have the greatest ______________ for Him and _____________. When you are zealous for God’s name, you will…