Sermons on Perseverance

Sermons on Perseverance

Keep Yourselves in God’s Love

God’s Word emphasizes both the sovereignty of God and human responsibility. Jude closes his letter with a word on each. First, we must persevere to the end, keeping ourselves in God’s love.

A Warning to the Sluggish, Part 2

The people of Israel, in the wilderness, serve as an example to the people of God today that we must persevere to the end. It is possible to see the amazing power of God, sit under the Word, and yet not believe. Israel experienced all this and more, and fell in the desert.

The Danger of Being Pliable

A genuine Christian is one who perseveres to the end. The way we are taught to persevere is to keep our eyes on Christ- or, as this passage says, to “consider Jesus.”