Sermons on Conscience

Sermons on Conscience

Sacrificing Rights for a Neighbor’s Good

Instead of throwing stones at a brother in Christ, we decide to _____________________ that might __________________. ______________ your brother and _________________ him go hand in hand. Make every effort to ___________________ your brother’s faith, not ___________________. Salvation is of more value than ______________________.

Conscience in Community

Romans 14:1-12 _____________ shouldn’t be broken over something that isn’t central to __________________. What are some non-essential issues that people divide over today? Am I fully ____________________ in my own ___________ that what I’m doing is right? Am I able to do this to ________________________?

The Importance of the Conscience

How can I keep a good conscience? Bring your heart into ________________________ to _____________________, and obey it. When you fail, turn to ________________________, and have your ______________________________.