Sermons on The Kingdom of God

Sermons on The Kingdom of God

There is a God in Heaven

In spite of current appearances, God is in control, and His Kingdom will win in the end. God’s people need to be reminded of this now, just as they did in Daniel’s time.

The Humble King on a Donkey

When the King of Kings rode into Jerusalem, the royal city, it was not with the pomp and ceremony that one would expect. Jesus was declaring what His Kingdom is like.

How God Grows His Kingdom

Through this parable, Jesus promises that God WILL grow His Kingdom. It may be difficult to see with our natural eyes, but we trust that it WILL happen according to His plan and timing.

Jesus is a Tsunami

Jesus, and His Kingdom, have broken into this world, overturning the power structures in the spiritual realm, but also shaking up our understanding of the family.