Sermons from December 2023

Sermons from December 2023

Love is Strong, Part 2

The cross of Jesus Christ has so secured us to Him, that we have a hope that extends beyond this world, which enables us to endure all things while we’re in this world.

Love is Strong

Biblical love is strong. It protects rather than exposes. It prefers to trust, rather than being cynical.

Love Rejoices in Truth

Love does not rejoice in evil, but rejoices in truth, purity, and holiness. Are you tempted to rejoice in evil things? This week’s sermon deals with some topics that might hit close to home.

Love is Not Angry

Our hearts are prone to sinfully explode with anger in the moment, and to hold on to grudges over time. Love does not do these things. It will seek to overlook offenses and forgive debts.